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Trust and KPI dashboards
Trust and KPI dashboards, Elegance and delight should be cut into the ways of working for government, business and scale ups. Every team should strive for personalisation, brilliance and amazing so we deliver something ready to be trusted, what is your minimal trusted product (MTP), not what is the MVP. We need to make this the mantra within teams, and that is done with KPI work. Core to how we operate there is a need for KPIS to be fed into the business and this needs to be on the hard to measure areas of Trust, Care, and brand love. We can build the panels, the surveys and the metrics around soft data that scares the average data scientist with the messy data. We believe unstructured and messy data like this can provide incredible onsite and KPIs on soft goals, NPS has shown the power of one smart soft question measured and fed to the front line to change behaviour.