Qantas wanted a more intuitive website for users than it used to be. Hence, we created a scrollable explainerpage page website that animates on the scroll between the 3d, 2d and data. This learning website pages scroll a magical interaction with the website page for understanding complex behaviours.
The UserScience team surveyed the customer base and realised that nobody knew whether an email was read. So we designed a trigger system to send alerts every time someone clicks on an email link. To test this, we called our customers from the list of emails registered for receiving messages and found out which approach worked best – then discussed it with management at Qantas. From these discussions, it became clear what type of new product we should focus on targeting. So we conducted interviews with potential pilots who agreed to be paid for participating and learned that many individuals don’t have brokerage accounts but are interested in opening one.

At the end of the project, UserScience was able to achieve an implementation of a building system for creating scrollable data systems. We also successfully developed the trigger system to send alerts when someone links to one of the explainerpage pages.
When this proved successful in practice, it led us to work on making money off these customers while still selling them other services (i.e., brokerage).
While interviewing those who weren’t already clients, we found that many don’t have brokerage accounts – which gave us an idea for another target market for explainerpage products/services.

The benefits of our solutions include:

Understanding the data helped us fine-tune the explainerpage strategy for making proposals and connecting with potential customers who had previously said they weren’t interested in joining the company. In the future, UserScience hopes that Qantas will invest in its newly found target market. We expect the company will put more effort into making this come to fruition. Qantas ought to likewise reach out through strategic offers combined with timely follow ups tailored just for their clients according to the data.