About the company

Embedded team weekly sprints of research
Embedded team weekly sprints of research gives that immediate feedback on the prototypes, meet weekly or leading up to a sprint and validate the prototypes on a weekly scrum cycle of regular quantitive and qualitative studies. Simply upload your sigma, sketches, or designs and we can deliver the feedback from the audience you need. Velocity is direction and speed, make sure you are heading in the right direction before you develop more problems than solutions. Sense check the trust of your brand with our approach to trust in your product and your brand, if I can test one thing it would be trust, do they trust you to do what you say you will do. How can we improve the trust. How do they check your trust. We also can build out a trust, brand and feelings board to give a regular checking to check what is happening. We have built out panels for many companies, and can help build a sampling panel that will deliver on going checks on ideas from a community engaged to give ongoing understanding, from quick updates, to regular checkins with consumer panels and industry panels. We can build the engagement you need to grow the community around your product.